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The ANZMET conference designed from conception as a community-owned event and provides a facilitated networking experience where:

(1) Attendees learn on the first day of each other’s interests, experience, scientific background, collaboration opportunities and other avenues for outreach (The Round-table Discussion)

(2) An open-forum format for rich discourse on spontaneous peer-selected topics (The Peer Session)

(3) The delivery of critical updates in the field (Traditional Presentations)

(4) The tailored and vital exposure of young scientists to the wider research community (Rapid-fire Postgraduate Presentation Sessions).

The essence of any conference lies in community-building. A meaningful conference is a safe, supportive and open environment aimed at fostering growth, awareness and learning – and should be attendee-driven. These are the key ingredients for ‘re-engineering the traditional conference’ and are the basis and inspiration behind developing ANZMET as the first peer-driven scientific conference in Australia and New Zealand.

This year we are taking our unique peer-driven conference to Auckland, where we kindly invite all our colleagues from New Zealand to join us to drive ANZMET toward a true Australia & New Zealand join event!

We are also excited to announce that as of 2017, we are moving forward with our new hallmark ‘Introduction to Metabolomics’ lecture & workshop series which will be a mainstay of the ANZMET program calendar for all future events. We invite our sponsors and colleagues to get involved in the presentation of this program – everything from Sample Preparation Techniques, Instrumentation, Bioinformatics, Software Tools & Databases and Structure Elucidation is welcomed!

The conference draft program has now been uploaded!

We invite poster presentations, rapid-fire presentations and orals for all categories. Please do reach out to any committee members for questions and and special arrangements that you may have.

We look forward to greeting you all in Auckland!